aqua fortis

Monday, July 10, 2006

Upcoming Probable Absence

Don't be surprised if you don't see much of me for the next two weeks. The Welsh course starts (officially) on Sunday, but for me everything is now already hitting the fan. Thursday I start meeting teachers at the airport. My office is already a staging area for large amounts of crap I'm going to lug over (but thankfully most of it won't be returning with me), including 5 zillion photocopies and a wooden sword.

I swear to you I'm never doing this again. If I EVER plan another conference I will have to trust everyone involved with my life before I believe they will be reliable enough to be a part of the planning. This past couple of weeks has been full of people flaking, superfluous e-mailing, and random shit going wrong. Is it too much to ask that I can make one tiny room change to the schedule--recommended by Facilities no less--and NOT have three other room reservations randomly disappear? Apparently the answer is yes, that's too much to ask.

The devil is in the details, friends. How to keep 35 box dinners cool in a bus storage compartment on a 95-plus degree day in Sacramento? Answer: The devil. How to get your suddenly absentee treasurer to actually send you checks you need to pay for things? Answer: The devil. How to find somebody to be the vice-president so that you don't have to stay on as president forever and ever? Answer: The devil, people, the devil. This may not seem to make any sense. Guess what? Now you know how I feel!!