aqua fortis

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I think my life sucks right now, if only in minor irritating ways that tend to compound and seem larger than necessary. I can't seem to rely on people to do what I ask them to do; that's a biggie right now with planning this conference. And I really need to delegate things because if I don't I will officially go insane and require happy pills, and goddamn it, when I ask people to do something that means I'm actually already at the breaking point because I hate asking people to do things for me. So when I ask, I really need it done. I am so not meant for management.

I also hate Norton Internet Security right now for making go through an hour's wild goose chase figuring out why suddenly the pop-up discussion board messages were being blocked from Rob's online classes. I love to do these things at midnight, really I do.