aqua fortis

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It Was Just a Dream!! Really!!

I've been having some really bizarre, probably stress-related dreams lately. Last night, among other things, at one point I was part of a really racy dance number with a number of other South Asian-ish women, wearing only various towels draped over ourselves, to the song "Tattva" by Kula Shaker. Strangely, the number was sort of unrehearsed and we were all watching on a TV screen what we were supposed to be doing.

Later on in the dream, I was hanging out with my friend from Wales, Mark (who teaches Welsh in Swansea and will be at this year's Cwrs Cymraeg), and I was lying on my back on the floor trying to formulate sentences in Welsh in my head so I could tell him what a difficult year this had been, but instead of the word for difficult (anodd) for some reason the word blasus (which means "tasty") kept popping into my head.

Anyway, that leaves me in a rather bizarre mood for this Fourth of July. We plan to watch the Germany-Italy World Cup match on our large television in the noon-ish hour, then go over to a friend's house in the late afternoon for some charring of meat and vegetables on the barbecuing apparatus as well as setting off some small colorful explosives in the street.

By the way, I've been a huge flake the past several days in various situations, and I apologize. I had to get things done for this conference or else I was going to continue in evil-high-stress mode forEVER BWAHAHAHA. So I feel much better after getting some stuff done and will be less flaky now. I think. The Welsh course is in two weeks. I can definitely guarantee a much happier and more productive Sarah after about July 23.