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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Flickr Fiction: The Couch

HIM: "So I says to the guy, yeah, I did that, I'm not proud, sure I'm not, but still, ya know sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. It's, like, the law or something. And then I pull my hand back and I notice I'm wearin' these brass knuckles, like I'm some kinda mobster or something, and somebody grabs that hand and pulls me back, and then I'm falling backwards like there ain't nothing there. You know. Like bungee jumping. You think you're gonna die for a second. The wind is rushing past your ears like it ain't never gonna stop, you know what I'm saying? And then it does, and you bounce back up. Well, this time, I didn't bounce back. I just kept falling and falling. That was when Mazzy shakes me awake, she says, honey, you were thrashing around there like somebody had you by the neck."

HER: "You want to know what I dreamed? I'll tell you what I dreamed. I dreamed this was back before I lost Devon, when I was still pregnant with her and huge, like I was carrying a prize watermelon. Oh, I miss that.

"Anyway, I'm huge and I'm walking down the steps of the church after Jack and me got married when suddenly I can feel my water break. I break out into this huge grin, I can feel it stretching my face, and then I feel the water just gushing and gushing out of me and I know there's something wrong. I look down. The steps are covered in blood, pooling in the cracks and corners and angles. My head spins and I close my eyes, and then I feel the gushing stop. I open my eyes again and look down. I'm not bleeding any more. I'm not pregnant any more. And there's no blood. There's just rose petals, scattered on the concrete, bright red everywhere, falling down in a shower around me. And people are laughing."

DOC: "I would tell y'all that you're perfectly normal, but I think you're both a pair of raving lunatics. All I ever dream about is breakfast."

Well, there ya go. Once again it's Flickr Fiction Friday, this time inspired by this photo by YanivG. This one was just me playing around with first-person voices. Chris, Elimare, Teaandcakes, Littlegoat and The Gurrier are also participating this week. Click on the links to read their versions.


Chris Cope said...

I want that on a T-shirt: "All I Ever Dream About Is Breakfast."

Isobel said...

That's a really interesting idea - and from the descriptions of their dreams you can get a great picture of them as a couple.

Donal said...

Yes but what does it all mean Doc?

Interesting take on it Sarah and yes I want that T-Shirt too.

a. fortis said...

I'm glad it came across that they were a couple. And I have no idea what it all means. Sometimes I think that most of what I write is just crap that wells up from the depths of my brain.

Kind of like dreams, eh.