aqua fortis

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who: Me. What: Apple. Size: Big.

Yup, I'm going to the Welsh course in Albany for a week, leaving today, and then Rob will join me and we'll take the train down to NYC for a few days, mainly to see art museums, though we're also going to eat cool food and see Spamalot from really far away.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Good God, I am drowning. Too much work. I once again have realized why I don't like to manage people in any way, or even depend on others for the flow of information--because you can't actually rely on a lot of people to do things in a timely or thorough fashion, or even assume that they know what they're supposed to be doing even if you told them several times. I'm not talking about any one particular situation--in fact, I'm thinking about two particular situations at the moment--but my inner control freak is really coming out. And the problem ends up being that I can't leave it alone if someone has done something that isn't complete, for instance, because I feel like (I know, really) that the greater responsibility lies with me and the result reflects on me, and so I ultimately do a lot of the work myself. And that means I spend way too much time on things that shouldn't be taking up that much time.

At least one of those projects is going on hiatus for a bit. The other...I'm scaling back my level of responsibility in about a month's time. I really only like to be responsible for my own productivity. Grr.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post-4th Hangover

Sad to say, my hangover is from parental visitation, not from alcohol--yet the effects are rather similar in that I had to sleep it off for a couple of hours today. And this was a visit from the less stressful set of parents. Still, my mom can be a little high-energy (okay, a LOT) and so visits tend to exhaust me. I won't go into detail. It'll just make me tired all over again.

Of course, my dad inflicted his own unique form of stress on me this week, too, via telephone. I'm never sure whether he says these things to be motivational (however misguidedly), or if he's trying to shame me into reconsidering my career path. Anyway, he told me about the son of a family friend, a guy my age who I used to play with when we were kids (incidentally also the product of a very similar mixed marriage, only he's half Afghani). I get occasional updates about this guy from my dad--he got his MD and is working for the military; he's working in Afghanistan for Doctors Without Borders, etc. etc. Anyway, now he's apparently going back to school to get a second master's in public health or something. I mean, great for him and all, but is my dad trying to tell me something? He did spend an awful lot of time lecturing me when I was a kid about becoming a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or engineer. I'm probably the black sheep of that side of the family.

On another topic, here, finally, is the promised JPEG of my latest poster for the Prospect Theater. Rob did the little drawing of Shakespeare, as well as the sketch of the skull which I then experimented with in Photoshop.

Also, here is a scan of a very interesting piece of misdirected mail we got. It belongs to a neighbor around the corner who is evidently on the aged side of life. I used to think Sunset was an old-person's magazine when I was a kid, mainly because my grandfather got it, but now I actually like Sunset, and after seeing this magazine cover, I realize that THIS, people, is truly an Old Person's Magazine. In case you can't read the tiny print on the scan, it says "The magazine that brings back more good times." Good Lord.

And, oh yeah--I've been crazy hella busy. No rest for Sarah. Not much blogging, either.