aqua fortis

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Good God, I am drowning. Too much work. I once again have realized why I don't like to manage people in any way, or even depend on others for the flow of information--because you can't actually rely on a lot of people to do things in a timely or thorough fashion, or even assume that they know what they're supposed to be doing even if you told them several times. I'm not talking about any one particular situation--in fact, I'm thinking about two particular situations at the moment--but my inner control freak is really coming out. And the problem ends up being that I can't leave it alone if someone has done something that isn't complete, for instance, because I feel like (I know, really) that the greater responsibility lies with me and the result reflects on me, and so I ultimately do a lot of the work myself. And that means I spend way too much time on things that shouldn't be taking up that much time.

At least one of those projects is going on hiatus for a bit. The other...I'm scaling back my level of responsibility in about a month's time. I really only like to be responsible for my own productivity. Grr.


DaviMack said...

Yes - managing people sucks, doesn't it? If you don't have a carrot or a stick, it's even harder. :)

a. fortis said...

Nonprofit-type groups can't afford carrots or sticks....sigh.

DaviMack said...

That's why I bake for people I work with: it gives them the feeling that I actually give a #$&( about them, and they work a bit better. It's cynical, but there ya go. :)

State employees don't get sticks, so it's got to be carrots with them. Sucks.

diane said...

Globalization & collaboration...I understand its value in a "flat world" but I would have hated it as a student. I preferred to work on my own and be judged accordingly.