aqua fortis

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun Facts About Vienna

* This city is shockingly clean.

* Topfelstrudel with vanilla sauce is the pastry of heaven.

* Egon Schiele was just as amazing a painter of houses as he was of people (see above). Also, he died tragically young (which I knew) of Spanish flu (which I didn't).

* There is great food everywhere in Vienna. So far, anyway. Breakfast was a slab of toast slathered in butter, a layer of chives, and a sunny-side-up egg, plus coffee.

* It is surprisingly hot here and I brought far too few short-sleeved shirts.

* Gustav Klimt was kind of a man-ho. Womanizer. Whatever. The ladies, he liked 'em.

* Mmm...schnitzel.

* Nothing--NOTHING--is open before 9 am on a Sunday.

* The Venus of Willendorf is AMAZING. Photos don't do her justice.