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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Accursed Heat Prompts Cursing

Pardon my language, but it is FUCKING HOT here. Global warming doesn't exist, my ass. Last night it was 99 degrees at 10:00 pm. What the hell is that?

Our poor, overtaxed, needs-to-be-replaced AC can't handle this weather. Though our thermostat is set at 78, it's currently 87 in the house. This has been the case the past few days--the house peaks at about 88 degrees around 6 pm and then starts to gradually cool, degree by degree, once the sun goes down a bit. It sucks big-time.

Other stuff:

  • I'm currently watching Ladyhawke on HDNet Movies, which I haven't seen since about the time it came out. I had no idea Matthew Broderick, Michelle Pfeiffer, or Rutger Hauer were in it. Michelle Pfeiffer has no right to be so hot.
  • My ex-best-friend's younger sister is an actress. When we were in high school, all the guys thought she was totally hot.
  • Did I mention it was hot?


TadMack said...

I KNOW. Over 100 consistently in Benicia, day in and day out for the last four days. Today looks to be better. We HAVE NO AC. Remember: house built before I was born. Pre-global warming. We are WORKING on getting that sort of stuff, but had placed the kitchen and ripping out carpet, etc. higher on the list, which was bloody stupid as it turns out. Having to sleep downstairs, having the internal house temp. be 87 at, oh, 2:48 a.m., is enough to promote swearing. Carry on.

Trying to be an environmentalist and settle for a whole house fan, but I'm thinking I may lose the fight with myself...

Ladyhawke!! Haven't seen that in AGES. Didn't even remember Michelle Pfeiffer was in it!!!

Seren said...

I was thinking about you guys with all this heat. Will you hate me if I say Oakland was pleasantly cool last night? You can always come visit. :)

Okay, so, it's clearly JUST ME who OBSESSED over Ladyhawke as a teen, to the point where at one time I could have reenacted it for you scene by scene. I can quote liberally even now. (To retain some public dignity, I'll refrain.) Matthew Broderick was my #2 crush for a number of my teenage years. (#1 is even more embarrassing than admitting I can quote from Ladyhawke, so again, refraining.) And you left out Leo McKern as the monk. Leo McKern and his glass eye freakin' rule.

Don't get me started on Legend, now, either.

a. fortis said...

Legend totally RULES! It augmented my (admittedly a bit strange) crush on David Bowie.

I must admit, Matthew Broderick didn't attract my interest until Ferris Bueller came out. But I still think he's such a cutie.

I won't even TELL you some of the people I had crushes on when I was in junior high. Okay, I'll tell you one: Johnny Depp. That one isn't embarrassing.

writegrrrl said...

I'm so glad it's finally, kind of cooling down...hey, maybe sometime in the near(ish) future, we can get together and catch up?!