aqua fortis

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep Debate Cheers 'n' Jeers

Okay, so the debate's not even over yet. I can hear it from here. But I can't just sit there--my opinion must be let out lest I explode with bile all over the minestrone soup I'm cooking. So here we go, bearing in mind that you're hearing the opinions of a self-professed bleeding-heart liberal of the worst kind:

Dick Cheney:
Winner: Highest density of personal insults hurled in a 30-second period
Winner: Most egregious violation of the "start from reliable premises" rule of argument
Winner: "Most sociopathic" award.
Winner: Mr. Meany-Pants award.

John Edwards:
Winner: Mr. Needs-To-Be-Less-Nice-Guy Award.
Winner: Most disarmingly handsome and earnest.
Winner: Second-highest density of personal insults hurled in a 30-second period (bearing in mind that there are only two contestants and the moderator doesn't count)
Winner: Most likely to be pictured as a corncob-pipe-chewing hillbilly when one closes one's eyes (sorry, that's my California-centrism coming through...)

So, back, I guess, to the remainder of the debates. Closing