aqua fortis

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Uber-Geek Alert!

Wondering who's behind the mighty Wilwarindil from our Geeks Gone Wild adventures? Okay, so maybe you weren't, but here's a Modesto Bee newspaper article on the man himself. And no, I am NOT playing Magic now. I've successfully resisted that branch of geekdom since my first glimpse of Magic players circa 1994, in the dining area of U.C. Berkeley's Casa Zimbabwe co-op, where I thankfully didn't live. Not that Stebbins, the co-op I spent a semester in, didn't have its minor unsanitary downside, namely the occasional dining room mouse and the questionable hot tub. However, upsides included copious booze and a Nintendo room (downside to Nintendo room: located directly underneath my bedroom. downside to bedroom: scary vegan roommate.).

Okay, enough with the procrastinating. Time to work on the novel.