aqua fortis

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Good Times...Good Times

A friend just e-mailed me his new phone number, and I was extremely jealous to see that, transformed into alphabetical form, it contained the word SPIT. This reminded me of the time our friend Peter's phone number was 2-Fred-Wu. Then I remembered a website called Phonespell, which I once wrote about on IGN, and decided to finally see if my current phone number spells anything interesting. Sadly, nothing exciting came up. Even worse, I put in my cell phone number and NOTHING came out--nothing at all! You can't spell anything with my cell phone number. This is sad.

On the other hand, something good came of all this. I'd been irritated for a long time that my Weird Wild Web and Quote of the Day Archives from IGN for Men weren't working properly any more (even though I haven't worked there in 3+ years) and then I got the brilliant idea to use the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine, a repository of just about every damn thing that's appeared online since things have been appearing online. I found my really freakin' old website from 1996 on there. Yeek!