aqua fortis

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Occupied, Both Pre- and Over-

I've been way too busy to justify long blog entries, which is very sad. I still need to update Geeks Gone Wild (speaking of which, check out this link which Corey sent me). But in the meantime, why not download some City of Modesto wallpaper.

Seriously, though, tomorrow and Tuesday I'll be working a temp job at the City of Modesto Public Works Department, reorganizing some files. This will be much more exciting, I hope, than the temp job I had Thursday and Friday, which consisted almost entirely of putting mailing labels on the Annual Report for the Stanislaus County Office of Education. This job was so boring, Rob spaced out halfway through my telling him about it. So I hope I'll have something more exciting to say the next time I post.

I guess I do have some interesting news. Oh crap. Never mind. I already told you about my personalized rejection slip. So instead, I'll let you be amused by my Halloween costume, which was not quite as much of a hit as I'd hoped at the Halloween party we attended.

me and Rob--doctor and patient  Jess, our gracious host

Actually, you can't really see most of the costume, but the relevant part is there. Rob was a plastic surgeon by the name of Augment D. Titté, M.D. I was a post-op breast-augmented person with a t-shirt reading "GAIN CHEST NOW--ASK ME HOW" on the front and "MORE IS MORE" on the back. The part you can't see is the ho-bag tiny skirt and high heels. Rob and I discussed the lukewarm reception of my costume, and we figured out that it was possible many people were unaware that those were not my actual breasts, despite their lumpy appearance (for future reference, socks and tights make for uneven breasts with a tendency to migrate, as well as overheat the frontal area). Oh well. We were amused, anyway. But, damn you, Costume Idea Zone! The second picture there is our friend Jess, host of the party. He liked the costume. It allowed him to grope my chest without actually groping my chest.