aqua fortis

Monday, January 17, 2005

Super Geeks, v. 2.1

From now on, my Super Geeks coverage will be limited to a bare-bones summary followed by amusing highlights of the evening. I believe this will be more enjoyable for all. Or at least for me.

As far as the general plotline goes, I do have to do some catching up. The first day of adventuring, we were all summoned into the presence of Electrical Joe, who knows everyone. A library had been found to the south, possibly with valuable books and equipment in it, but it also had nasties nesting in it. We went to investigate, found stuff, and then decided that we wanted to change the game system.

So what happened last was The Library, Take Two. The Library, Take One, was just a strangely prescient dream. In Take Two, we succeeded in looting some books and computers, but also had to dispatch some displacer-cats. Then, some zoo lady wanted the remaining cats so we made a return trip, encountering on the way a dead Elvis (from the Cult of Elvis) in a burning car. We rescued his wife from bandits and then got totally whupped trying to bring the displacer-cats out of their warren intact.

Some entertaining highlights:

  • Our proposed vehicle for the outing was an armored taco truck whose horn played "Low Rider."
  • We decided that, since the Cult of Elvis men all look like Elvis, then perhaps the Cyberzombies of Fresno all look like extras from Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
  • Any one of us, to poorly performing dice: "You're fired!"
  • Overheard conversation:
    "It's not a wiener, it's a gnome."
    "It's the same thing."
  • Our displacer-cats, for the purposes of the game board, were plastic dinosaurs and barn animals of varying sizes. You haven't seen anything until you've seen little painted metal people confronting a large plastic sheep.
  • We got into a far-too-detailed conversation about the possible advantages of scat from a displacer-cat, if it too were capable of displacing. Suffice it to say that we discussed bodily application of said cat poo.

And that's it for that day's adventure. Go here for the first installment of Super Geeks.