aqua fortis

Monday, January 03, 2005

It's Aqua Fro!

I feel like I had all this important stuff I wanted to post on the blog, but that's probably not true. In fact, it's hardly ever true. This is the place for the trivial, the unimportant, the stuff which will linger in my mind until I spill it out onto the screen and inflict it on you. And what could be more trivial or less important than Anagrams?

If you ever used to read my IGN Weird Wild Web column, you've probably seen that link before. Well, I've certainly never run my blog title through the Anagram Server, so here goes: a list of the more interesting results generated. One side note: You can find the names of two Arab countries within the word "aquafortis." I'm almost afraid to post them here in case it gets me on some kind of government watch list, but it's probably too late for that, so here they are: Iraq and Qatar. Go figure.

  • A OAF SQUIRT (sounds disgusting)
  • A FAT SIR QUO (rejected Canterbury Tale?)
  • A QUASI FORT (sure, why not)
  • A QUART OF SI (mais oui)
  • A SQUAT FOR I (also sounds kind of disgusting)
  • AFAR ITS QUO (profound? or just dumb?)
  • I, OFT QUASAR (rejected Asimov book?)
  • AQUA FRITOS (yeah!)
  • SARA OF QUIT (huh?)
  • FAIR QUOTAS (wow. makes so much sense it's scary)
  • FIATS QUA OR (more fake Latin)
  • AFRO I SQUAT (eww, I think)
  • FAR AS QUITO (does this foretell a trip to Ecuador?)
  • IRAQ AS TOFU (okay, that one's just disturbing)
  • IRAQ USA OFT (scary, maybe?)
  • OF QUASI ART (yup, sounds like this blog all right)
  • AIR OF SQUAT (again, sounds pooey)

Okay, that was way too much fun. Or I'm just easily amused when I'm sick and quaffing cold medicine like a fat Sir Quo quaffs ale.