aqua fortis

Friday, January 28, 2005

Stalking the Elusive Writing Job

The reason I put together the editing samples, finally (see below), is that I applied to a job requiring them. I'm actually kind of starting to enjoy this job hunting thing (at least that's what I tell myself). The ceaseless cover letters, the constant tweaking of the resume...Anyway, here is a nearly-complete list of the part-time and/or contract jobs I have applied for in the past few weeks (and mostly, thus far, received no answer for, making me think my e-mail and physical mailbox must both be malfunctioning):

  • Fact-checker for trivia game company
  • SAT essay grader (did get response--not enough teaching experience)
  • Marketing consultant for tutoring company
  • Proofreader
  • Part-time legal reporter for courtroom website
  • Editor-writer for consulting manuals
  • Newsletter writer for construction company
  • Web production assistant for wedding website
  • Typist-proofreader for computer-book writer
  • Writer and/or copyeditor for
  • Freelance writer or copyeditor for iVillage's

So, yeah. I'm still sitting here. Though I do have a contract job as a researcher of curriculum for the impending Riverside School for the Arts (no website yet, even). It sounds interesting so far...though I'm supposed to set my fee and have no clue what that ought to be.


kiracle said...

Were you applying to be a grader for the real SAT or for a testing company?

a. fortis said...

It was the College Board themselves.