aqua fortis

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Super Geeks, v. 2.0

Since the continuing adventures of Geeks Gone Wild have gone on temporary hiatus, here's something equally nerd-tastic I've been doing in the meantime. We've begun a new adventure, one with the same cast of real-life characters you were introduced to in Geeks Gone Wild: Kathleen, the redheaded actress/librarian; Rob, husband and professor o'fart, as he likes to call himself; Jay, UCSC art student and RenFaire devotee; Ross, math professor and uber-geek extraordinaire; Ffyona, RenFaire accomplice whose house contains a parrot having a nervous breakdown; Mike, math professor and owner of the Massive Chest of Miniatures; and Brandon, the now-you-see-him, now-he's-in-Connecticut history graduate student.

With this same group, we have now begun a new adventure, this one in the even more geeky (if that's even possible) gaming milieu of superheroes. Yup, we've put the D&D aside for the time being and created for ourselves unlikely super-beings who roam the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Stanislaus County, looking out for the welfare of the needy: that is, us.

Dungeon Master Ross has at his mercy the elementally shape-shifting Una the Librarian (guess who?), power vampire and escaped cultist Number 13 (Rob), flying were-sphinx Ariel (sorry, Jay, if I got the name wrong), super-speedy courier Presto (Mike), some freakishly powerful old dude named Henry (Brandon), electrically charged Joe (Ffyona), and brainy psion detective Dorian Fleming (myself--HAD to come up with goofiest name possible). What kind of trouble will we get into next? There's no alignment in this game, so nobody has to role-play any pesky lawful good characters. As Kathleen's bumper sticker says, chaotic evil means never having to say you're sorry.