aqua fortis

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys. At least my cold is going away, and that's nice. I'm hoping that with renewed health will come a decrease in hives. Today they're bad on my feet, of all places. I think it's because I wore my awesome boots to work yesterday, and, though comfortable, my feet get tired if I wear them all day. My legs are also hive-tastic, and full of stubble since I'm afraid to shave them and irritate them further. I'm sure you wanted to know all that. Too bad.

I got a different prescription from the doctor today, though, and I hope that improves things. I feel weird and blah, though; still kind of tired from being sick. I've been a little antisocial for a few days--I haven't returned a couple of phone calls, and I've been lax about reading people's blogs. I'm trying to just tone things down a little in my life right now, because I think stress is a huge part of the problem. Helping to organize a 75-person conference this summer doesn't help.

I haven't even been very good at blogging on my own blogs. Hopefully that's a fun project for this weekend, though. I hate it when fun things become work because I've let them slide for so long.


MeiMeiLn said...

Take care of yourself! Hives suck big time. :(

Chris Cope said...

Blogs are a cruel mistress. I feel exhausted by mine but tied to them, as if I am letting people down by not posting really good posts (there's ego for you, to assume that any of my posts are ever good). The logical answer to this is: "Who cares?" No one's paying for my blog.

But I still have the sense of being a television producer: "Crap. I've got to put something up."

writegrrrl said...

Hey Sarah - a belated happy birthday. Sorry to hear you're still feeling bad...sending good thoughts your way...