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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

At Last.

So here is the promised picture of the new kitchen floor, shown here still in progress. You can see the fancy linoleum in there already, but the wooden baseboards are still in a pile at the right of the picture. Everything is now in and hunky dory. It actually hides dirt rather than just looking sort of dirty on its own, like the white tile did.

And here's a sort of blurry picture of the hallway fridge, which was convenient for beer when watching television (not unlike Chris's setup) but made our house into a "no fat people" zone. All in all, having the fridge in the kitchen, where it belongs, has been much better, despite having to walk into another room for our refreshments. It's not like it would have been very good during parties, either. Our house is just not set up for very many guests at one time. Sure, we've got the second bathroom, but our living room is kinda small. We only have a two-person couch and the cat has totally taken over the easy chair. (I don't mean she peed on it or anything. She just sees it as her personal chaise longue.) It just isn't a huge room, especially once you put a large HDTV and a spinet piano in it.

It's sad. I haven't practiced the piano much lately. I got very motivated to for a while, and then I accidentally was overheard by our friend David, who is a music professor (guitar). He made what he intended to be helpful practice-related suggestions but I ended up feeling totally discouraged. I'm not an exceptional musician or anything, and at this point in my life I just play for enjoyment. I don't even really like having an audience, except for Rob, because mostly I'm out of practice and make a lot of mistakes. The current piece I'm trying to relearn is Mozart's Sonata in C Major. But I think I last practiced two weeks ago, which isn't good.


Chris Cope said...

If you can play "Chopsticks" you can beat me in piano playing.

writegrrrl said...

Yeahm, me too - also, I like the floor!

TadMack said...

The floor looks great! I can't wait until I someday get any new floor coverings in place. Of course, I will never, never have a fridge locale as cool as yours.

Heh. I have now progressed to the second EXERCISE in the book of scales that I have. Oh, yeah, it's only two months later.

I'm working toward Chopsticks. Working hard...