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Monday, March 13, 2006

From Rain to Sun and Back Again

You wouldn't think that we'd leave a rainstorm here in California to visit Seattle, enjoy a few days of sun, and then come back to more rain. But that's what happened, believe it or not. Granted, it was still very cold, but no rain. Apparently we missed gumball-sized hail by a few hours.

Two memorable quotes from the weekend trip:

  • Peter: "Beth, you're like the sister I never killed."
  • Flavor Flav: "I've gotta go drop the kids off at the pool."

What did we do all weekend? Mainly we ate, drank booze, played in the park, and sang karaoke. Also, got behind on work. So, further details of our trip will have to wait until I allow myself another few minutes of blog break-time.


chloe said...

It was great seeing you guys! Like I said, you brought sunny California vibes up here. I'm glad you left them behind for us. :)

Corey said...

Ditto on the visit, but how can you forget...

"That's what I look for in art - it's calming effect on my bowels."

a. fortis said...

That's right!! How could I forget?

Rob and I had an excellent time with everyone. We're hoping to be able to manage a longer summer trip this year or next (depending on the post-China budget...)

Corey said...

Totally unrelated... but did you know aquafortis is the #2 result on Google?

Chris Cope said...

This story would be hilarious if you had encountered Gumbel-sized hail -- hail the size of Bryant Gumbel.

a. fortis said...

"Number two," eh? What are they trying to tell me?

Gumbel-sized hail would be funnier. What would be funniEST would be if it had been actually hailing Bryant Gumbel. Or maybe that would just be scary.