aqua fortis

Monday, January 02, 2006


We're under a flash flood warning tonight in Modesto, specifically areas near Dry Creek. We took this seriously because, in fact, we live in an area near Dry Creek. However, we're not on the low ground. If our neighborhood flooded, the whole city would be flooded.

Nevertheless, we might take a little drive over there later and see if the river has overflowed into the park (there is a large park located along the floodplain). It's a very big floodplain, so we think we don't need to evacuate...knock on wood. One neighborhood in town, a few miles away, is practically next to the creek, though, so according to the news, some of those residents are sandbagging.


MeiMeiLn said...

Are you staying dry? Has the floodwatch been called off?

a. fortis said...

They extended it for another day, but fortunately, we're still dry! :) Then we had some fog, which was nice. (Nice because I could stay inside rather than driving around in it...)