aqua fortis

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Poor Little House

Actually, it's really "poor me," because the actual house is getting a great deal out of this whole mess. And I mean mess. Currently our dining room lives in the dirty studio (i.e., the room out by the garage where we keep all the paint, solvents, the etching press, and other things we don't want in the house) and our kitchen lives in the front hall. You haven't lived, friends, until you've kept your refrigerator in the front hall. Our house is currently a "no obese people" zone because the space in our entry way is only about two feet wide. On the other hand, the beer access from the living room has never been easier.

Scarcely do we finish one household project than another one gets started. Sometimes we don't even finish the previous project. I don't care for this, but we're dependent on the schedules of friends and acquaintances to help us. As I heard once on Bernie Mac, you can't have a construction project that is cheap, fast, and well done. You can only have two at a time. Guess which one we don't have.

Anyway, the project just past was fixing the cabinet under our kitchen sink, which was leaked into (fortunately, this will be covered by our homeowner's insurance), and shoring up the wooden sub-floor in the kitchen, which was saggy partly due to a crappy tile job. Our current project involves removing the crappy tile job and installing some nice, easy-to-care-for, non-cheap-looking linoleum. Part of the reason for the linoleum is that when things drop on tile, they tend to break...and I am one of those people who drops things more often than the average person. I even dropped a Corelle plate in there and it broke, and supposedly those never break.

Anyway, the tile is being ripped out tomorrow. We're going out of town this weekend. We weren't able to pick out a linoleum pattern today because the showroom had lent out one of their books of samples to another outlet. When one does this rather roundabout math, it adds up to bare floor and hallway-kitchen for at least a week. ARGH!