aqua fortis

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2 Bad Things and 4 Good Things.

Words I Hate, Part 2:

  • downright. I think this word is downright overused. Often by me.
  • family, as a code word for morally upright or Christian. They're ruining this word for me. I seriously was upset at the thought that S.C. Johnson Wax was "a family company," as stated in their commercial voice-over, until I learned that they are literally a company that has been owned by members of the Johnson family since its inception.

Four Songs I Would Like to Sing at Karaoke One Day:

  • Say It Isn't So by Hall and Oates. For some reason, this is in my vocal range, and I know all the words. I'm not sure if it's something to be proud of, though.
  • Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Again, in my vocal range. I kind of like this song. Plus I'd get to husky up my voice like Stevie Nicks, which sounds like fun.
  • Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. Another song roughly in my vocal range, though I'd have to practice to sound any good. Probably an overused karaoke classic, but who cares.
  • Space Oddity by David Bowie. A good song for hamming it up in dramatic style. I swear this is in my vocal range, unless I'm taking it up an octave.

The only time I've ever really sung karaoke was on our trip to Japan a few years ago. It was awesome, because we got our own little room. Beth and I sang Girls Just Want to Have Fun, which went surprisingly well--who knew I could sound like Cyndi Lauper? I also attempted to sing Young Americans by David Bowie, but that was far less successful. I'm just not that cool, as it turns out. Plus, a lot of the words turned out to be a complete and total surprise. "Blushing at all those afro sheeners?" What the hell does that mean?


Chloe said...

No Hall and Oates, but we have sung the others at karaoke! When you come to visit, we'll take you and you can live the dream!

TadMack said...

You know what other word I hate? Okay, it's a phrase, but "At the end of the day." WAAAAY overused.

And anytime you figure out the afro-sheener thing, just let me know. That's drawing a big 'duh' kind of blank. Hall & Oates. Who knew?

I've never sung karaoke before. I don't think I've ever gotten quite as drunk as I'd need to be...

a. fortis said...

We were just talking about a Seattle trip last night, in fact! I'll keep you posted, C!

I have to say that I've watched more karaoke than I've actually participated in. I didn't even sing on the night of The Notorious Karaoke Incident. However, I remembered one other moment of group karaoke of a single Pat Benatar song at El Rio in the Mission. So that makes twice. Three times if you count the karaoke party we had in my dorm suite at Berkeley freshman year, when the whole hall got written up.