aqua fortis

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tooting My Own Horn

It's my first official, paid print publication! Hooray! Go to this pdf and scroll down to page 22. Be warned - if I haven't already e-mailed you about this, there may be one coming. Even if it is just an alumnae publication, I'm still excited. Somehow there's a different cachet to a) being published in print, and b) getting remuneration for it. Sure, I wrote 2 columns every weekday for over a year and a half while working at IGN, making for a truly staggering number of paragraphs of drivel, but those were neither in print NOR paid.

Apparently I'm a bloggin' fool today, after not doing any blogging whilst down in SoCal visiting the 'rents. I'm in a good mood and kind of excited after reorganizing my weekly schedule (yes, that is a geeky thing to be excited about, but that's just me). I'm hoping it will make me a more organized, productive, and stress-minimizing person. It just had to be done, anyway. I try to do way too many things NOT to be organized, which is why my business license had to be relegated to Services Not Otherwise Specified.


MeiMeiLn said...

Great article! Congrats! I hope to see more. :)

a. fortis said...

Thanks!! I hope to do more!