aqua fortis

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My laptop hates me and I'm never going to finish NaNoWriMo.

Yes, our laptop--the newer one, ironically (the old Windows 2K one seems to work just fine) has officially entered archnemesis territory. Fortunately, it's still (just barely) under warranty under the extended service plan my mom bought. And there I was just having listened to an NPR report on how the extended service plan is almost never worth it. Well, this time it is going to be worth it because (after I transfer the ownership of the plan) I will take the stupid computer back to CompUSA and tell them they need to fix it. I'm tired of trying to fix it. I'm no expert. And the computer is being a bitch.

Plus, spending several hours over the past few days trying to fix the damn thing has really put a dent in my progress towards the 50,000-word goal, as you can see from the widget in the left-hand column. I've gotten to the approximate point I got to last year, which is OK, but I was really hoping to finish this year. The sad part is, I convinced my mom, who was reluctant at first to try it, to participate, and she's been done for several days now. Gotta love that irony.


TadMack said...

Oh, of COURSE she's done. Of COURSE. And she's probably going to publish it next year, too.


Well, I am definitely not finishing either, I didn't count on the 80 books for Cybils -- I simply cannot keep up with everything. And I don't care anymore, which is worse!

a. fortis said...

Two sides of me are at war between caring and not-caring, right now. With about 8,500 words to go, I could actually make it in the next two days. I'd have to be REALLY INCREDIBLY productive, though, more productive than I've been throughout the whole month of working on the damn thing. And frankly, I'm approaching burnout. But there's that stupid part of me that really wants to at least get close to 50,000. And then that part of me thinks to itself, if I'm going to get CLOSE to 50,000, why can't I just MAKE it to 50,000?

The logic of the addled brain.