aqua fortis

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'll get back to writing in a minute. I swear.

I was making myself a cup of coffee when it hit me that I've just fulfilled one of my lifelong (or at least career-long) writing fantasies: getting to read my work on NPR. Dude!! I JUST GOT TO READ MY WORK ON NPR!!!

Honestly? I'm a lot more excited about that now than I am about writing those last 5,000 words.


TadMack said...

Okay, just listened, and YAAAAAY! You sound so organized and non-pretentious (as opposed to Mr. Already-Finished-And-Spouted-Seventy-Five-Thousand-Words-Last-Year.

Hello? Could we just say PRETENTIOUS?

Yay, A.F., proud of you!!

DaviMack said...

Umm ... and if anybody had a right to sound pretentious? That'd be you, not "huge central mouth" boy, 'cause your writing? It's actually, oh, good.

Not to put him down too much or anything.

Not that an elephant gun would manage to pierce his ego.

Donal said...

Wow, well done Sarah you sounded spot on and congratulations on finishing too!

chloe said...

That was SO friggin' cool! You sounded very sure of yourself and were so much more engaging than Mr. Richard Crawford from Dixon. You are obviously a much better writer, too. I'm not a reader of the kind of book that he writes, but I always thought that fantasy books were supposed to be really descriptive and evocative. The best he could manage was, "It sounded like a creature that was not happy to be woken up"?? Oy. You must publish "The Latte Rebellion" or at least send it to me. I'm hooked.

a. fortis said...

Thanks, guys!! I'm not used to this sense of...accomplishment. It seems like most of the big projects I tackle are of the never-ending variety. This is nice. And I feel so lucky that I got to be on the program. I have to say, I never imagined anything like that would happen until I was several years or decades further into my career!