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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Opposed to the Government's No-Fly List?

From an e-mail from Sanjeev Bery, Field Organizer, ACLU of Northern California:
"CAPPS II -- the Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre-Screening System -- would assign every airline passenger a red, yellow or green level threat. It would use secret intelligence and law enforcement records, and possibly credit databases and purchasing histories, to create its passenger profiles....Not only that, but even a 99.9% accuracy rate would leave 100,000 passengers a year facing possible wrongful delays or even detentions by law enforcement. And the federal government has admitted to a likely error rate of 4% -- or 4 million passengers."

For more on that, see this post of mine from a few days ago.

To take action by telling your congressperson to oppose CAPPS II, click here.