aqua fortis

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Greetings from Canada, Eh.

Yup, been away for the past week at my yearly Welsh course, which as always provided a lot of fun and very little sleep. This year it was in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, which JesseriƱo informed me was quite nice. And he was correct. I took the bus into town and wandered across to Gatineau (technically in Quebec) to visit the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Got a few nice blisters from my not-so-great-for-walking sandals so hope I'm still capable of hobbling around again tomorrow. Or, rather, I hope the hobbling I'm going to be doing tomorrow is minimally painful.

After a week of relatively crappy dorm food, I treated myself to dinner out in the Byward Market at a Japanese restaurant, and it was like I'd died and gone to heaven. This chirashi bowl was beyond belief, probably because I've been good-food-deprived for a week, and sushi-deprived for a little longer than that. Add to that a nice Kirin lager, and a table out on the patio in sunny, breezy early evening weather...not a bad end to the day, despite blisters. I plan to really walk all around the Market tomorrow, and go to the nearby National Gallery of Canada. Maybe I'll have lunch or dinner in a pub--there seem to be many here, and the ones I've passed seem nice. And like Toronto, the buses are so clean and full of seemingly normal, calm people--it's a little bizarre. I feel like Canada is some weird twilight-zone version of the U.S.--only calmer and with more pubs and French-speakers.