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Monday, October 30, 2006

All Hallows' Weekend O' Fun

As you can see from our pumpkin, at left (officially titled The Glowing Eyes of the Scary Buddha Are Watching You), it's that time of year again. I like Halloween. I like coming up with a costume. And my Medusa costume was officially a success, after road-testing it at two parties this past weekend...although, at one of the parties, there were two people who had to ask what I was--as if having a bunch of snakes on my head would qualify me to be anything other than Medusa. Snakes On A Head, maybe??

Anyway, you can see the costume (with me in it) at right, along with a close-up of the snake headband, which I'm quite proud of. I don't know why the lighting is so strange; multiple light sources, I guess. There might be better pictures of me and Rob from the other party, which had an actual photographer set up in one of the rooms. On the other hand, it is a rule that Rob and I can never both look normal in a photograph of the two of us. Either I have my eyes shut and he looks great, or I look normal and he looks like the devil, etc.

This one is Rob in his jackalope costume, which basically consisted of the antler/bunny ear headband. This one was harder for people to guess, which kind of surprised me, but I suppose it depends on where you grew up. I think if you're from the southwest it's more likely that you'd know what a jackalope is. Lots of people guessed reindeer. Those would be some pretty mutant ears for a reindeer.

Anyway, besides educating people on the more obscure mythical denizens of the American West, we also learned a few interesting things at these Halloween parties. For instance, I was alerted to the existence of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which apparently everybody but me knows about. Be sure to read the Open Letter to the Kansas School Board. And, though I'm breaking my anti-MySpace rule by telling you about it, there is a highly amusing music video on Weird Al's page. Scroll down a little bit to "White and Nerdy" and hit play. Trust me, it's worth supporting Rupert Murdoch for those five minutes. It is so freakin' worth it.


David T. Macknet said...

Fab! Didn't go to Al's MySpace ... that's just a bit too creepy even for me. Went to Venganza, though ... and passed along the Open Letter to a former professor of mine who moved to the south & is big into Intelligent Design. Heh heh. I'm thinking he'll burst a blood vessel. Heh.

David T. Macknet said...

OK, so I went to Weird Al, 'cause TadMack was there & it sounded like fun. Followed that to They Might Be Giants' site ... and listened to their ring-tones for sale. Listen to "call connected through the NSA." Scary.

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, I'm Just Too Brown & Nerdy.
Laughing hysterically.

I did think that your costume was purty! The snake hair was great, and your wristlets were classy. Very Grecian!

And Rob as Jackalope -- very cute. If he'd had BELLS perhaps, he could have been a reindeer. Bells and a REALLY big tail. Good grief.

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, and I love the pumpkin!
Someday we must have a party and have you carve all the gourd-life.