aqua fortis

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I planned on reminiscing about co-op life some more, but that's going to wait until next time. I've been putting off posting this list for a couple of days because I wanted to expand it to a Top Five List, but I've been unsuccessful, so it will just have to remain the Top Four Names of Actual People that Cause Me to LMAO:

1. Dick Butkus. That's just plain unfortunate.

2. Dick Schaff. We don't know who Dick Schaff is, but his name appears on a clipboard of math-related events and competitions owned by a math professor friend of ours. He has a junior high math competition named after him. Apparently whoever named the competition failed to read his moniker aloud beforehand, or they would know that junior high was the wrong place to have a name like Dick Schaff.

3. Rod Johnson. Rob and I were driving around Stockton one day and we kept running into this guy's work van, which proudly proclaimed "Rod Johnson Air Conditioning." It sounds like a setup for bad porn to me.

4. Albert Pujols. Please click the link and note how his name is properly pronounced. That is what I hear every time someone on TV or radio says this guy's name. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laughing isn't nice. But I can't help it.


a. fortis said...

As a somewhat related addendum to this, today I found out that scientists have discovered a blue ring around Uranus. HA!

Corey said...

You forgot Dick Trickle - NASCAR driver.

a. fortis said...

That's right! I don't spend a lot of time thinking about NASCAR, so that one escaped my notice.