aqua fortis

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Humor, Part II

As a sort of addendum to my previous post on names that amuse me, I was just thinking today about people on a different end of the spectrum, those who deliberately change their names to something weird. I'm not talking about famous people; that's relatively commonplace. I mean people you or I actually know. Like the following two examples:

  • Back when I worked at IGN, there was a guy somewhere in the company who was named Geoff FortyTwo. As in, What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. That forty-two.
  • Apparently there is a guy at Rob's work, a friend of a friend, named Opportunity One. However, I can't find any Internet linkage proving this.

Editor's Note: I made a boo-boo in number 2 there, as Ross kindly noted below. It should be "Optimism One." Which is no less weird.


Ross said...

I'm pretty sure his name is _Optimism_ One. I always want to call him Optimus Prime...

a. fortis said...

You're totally right. I was just logging on to change that, as it miraculously occurred to me in the shower that I was completely wrong.