aqua fortis

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Cycle of Rejection Continues.

So much for Glimmer Train. AGAIN. I think I had made a pact with myself not to send them anything any more because they had already rejected me at least three times. But I caved, and here's my reward.

That's okay, though. I still have at least six other mags/contests I'm waiting to hear back from. I did pretty well sending stuff out so far this year, as the Q1 tab of my "Work Submitted" spreadsheet can attest. But I think I have to write to Margaret K. McElderry books, as they have not gotten back to me within the amount of time they indicated in their letter. I have to be all, like, where's my novel, beeyotches? Or not, I guess. But I should tell them I'm going to be out of town and unreachable in China for two weeks.

Okay. Time to make me a List O' Fun, a.k.a. a list of questions I have to ask the Facilities coordinator at UOP in reference to the summer Welsh course, such as:

  • What happened to the auditorium we requested?
  • What happened to our banquet room?
  • Oh yeah, we need a room with chairs and a piano for our choir practice.

...and so forth. Exciting. It's starting to drive me crazy, because our room reservations keep getting changed, and rooms we reserved are not listed on our master schedule for some reason, and that kind of thing. I wish I was not the one dealing with this stuff, I really do.