aqua fortis

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Into the sea, you and me...

I was just watching VH1 Classic's "We Are the 80s" for about ten minutes while doing stuff in the kitchen, and I saw the Cure video for "Love Cats," thus answering the question "Was Robert Smith always that goofy?" Yes, and in fact, more so, because it was the 80s. Now I kind of wish I hadn't seen the video, because I like that song, and now every time I hear it I'll see these images of a young Robert Smith frolicking around with kittens. I also saw the video for INXS's "The One Thing"--full of truly, frighteningly godawful 80s hair. Remember that David Bowie 'do that was somewhere between a pompadour and a mullet?

Anyway. Rob and I have been exceedingly occupied lately. Here's the usual Unordered List O' Crap We Been Doin':

  • Saturday: Went to Vik's Chaat House in Berkeley for lunch, followed by the Renaissance Faire in the afternoon. Chaat lunch was much better than the turkey leg we had at the faire. However, I did drink three beers, so I had a pretty good time.
  • Monday: Went to see the Beck concert in Santa Cruz. It turns out you can get to Santa Cruz from Modesto in two hours if traffic is light and you fear neither death nor speeding tickets.
  • Thursday (i.e., today): Rendered entire Color & Design class speechless with shock when Rob revealed that his wife had been in the class the entire time and was sitting right over there. I was rendered speechless by the fact that nobody guessed or was even suspicious. It just never came up.

So there you have it. Saturday evening I leave for my Welsh course for a week, leaving dry-and-excessively-hot for hot-and-excessively-humid. Perhaps I'll have a chance to post a report.