aqua fortis

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Uncozy Domesticity

I was going to put off posting to the blog today until I could write something properly substantial, but apparently substance is not forthcoming. Instead, I'm going to draw your attention to a total time-waster, which I discovered thanks to Blogger's list of Sites Which Caught Their Metaphorical or Collective Eyes (or whatever). (You know, I'm not sure why I even hyperlinked "Blogger" there. It's not like you can't navigate to Blogger from about five different places on this page. Anyway.)

What I found is called Things I Hate About My Flatmate, and I'm dedicating this find to anyone who's ever had a roommate they couldn't stand. Be sure to read the sidebar quotes, and note the amusing pictures.

I had annoying roommates once upon a time, until I decided I was done with that action. That was back in college when I lived in dorm- and co-op-land. This eventually motivated me to move into a studio apartment and live alone, which was much better, except for the time the termites swarmed in through my window, but that's another story. Then my boyfriend (now my husband) and I moved in with some housemates, but they were good and non-irritating people. Some had quirks, like eating Hamburger Helper or Red Baron frozen pizza every single day, or owning a five-foot red plastic bong, but hey, that's college (or post-college) for you. Rob and I ate far too much Hamburger Helper in those days, too.