aqua fortis

Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Rapid Drive to Crazyville

I had a truly bizarre experience yesterday: the shortest DMV visit in the history of the world. I had to renew my driver's license, and made an appointment with the online system last week. From the time I left my car in the parking lot to the time I returned to my car, exactly twenty minutes had elapsed; this included writing out a check, taking the eye exam, and getting a new picture taken. Of course, these are DMV minutes, and it was 3 in the afternoon, so 20 minutes felt like about twice that, with all the teenagers in mohawks, clamoring children rolling on the ground, disconsolate people without appointments waiting in the nasty line, and constant announcements of "now serving B72 at window 15." But I was out of there so quickly, and they seemed so pleased I'd actually bothered to make an appointment, so they were relatively non-surly.

So that didn't drive me to crazyville. What did drive me to crazyville, finally, was Internet Explorer. As a result, I have just minutes ago made the jump to Mozilla's Firefox browser. It's got a very clean look and feel, and though I'm still getting used to the new layout of my menus and favorites, at least it actually imported all of my stuff from IE. This is my latest attempt to avoid the spyware which seems to be a constant plague. Boo on spyware producers! Boo!! You've caused me to waste precious hours of my life fiddling with things I probably should be leaving to experienced professionals!