aqua fortis

Monday, February 14, 2005


I haven't posted in a week. Very bad. I've been thinking of the blog, though, even if I haven't been posting to it. I've been thinking of experimenting with Moveable Type's free software, because apparently there's no way to get multiblogs working on blogspot. My only issue is web space--mine is limited on my personal site--though I have been itching to redesign yet again (and bring myself up to XHTML standards). So, we'll see. I'll probably end up experimenting on a tiny corner of my site because I'm all cautious and crap.

In other blog news, my attention was recently drawn to this blog by two guys working in Iraq called I Should Have Stayed Home. Some interesting firsthand perspectives and amazing details; pictures, too.

Lastly, in terms of links I've neglected to post, is the website of my new idol. Maybe I'm in the wrong profession.

Speaking of my profession, I ought to get back to my constant attempts to jump-start it. The latest attempt is one last try at the Modesto Bee--a montly Community Columnist gig. And some good news is that my manuscript has been sent off to Bloomsbury via FedEx. Now I have to try not to stress and obsess over the next few months, wondering if I committed some kind of faux pas in my choice of envelope, or if I should have mailed it in a box instead, or if I sounded too cocky in my cover letter, etc. etc. Presumably they're more interested in what my novel might be able to do for them and less interested in my packaging decisions, but you never know.

So yeah, back to these columns. Then I have to really start thinking about putting a sample writer's/artist's website together so I can actually market that service. I didn't spend last summer slogging through my first real web design project for nothing.