aqua fortis

Friday, November 26, 2004

Geeks Gone Wild, Finally Caught Up

I'm going to finish catching up on our adventures, and I'm going to do it right now, so that I can whip out a large eraser and ready my character sheet for additional marginalia.

After discovering that Jibber—formerly Eretria's critter—was gone, we forged ahead to the King's Quarters, where we found nothing at all but debris…until all three doors opened at the same time and admitted 6 ogres. The mayhem! The melee! Dru shot arrows, Delyth sickled (yay, finally got to use my Druid sickle), Wilwarintari (Wilwarindil's nubile nymph sorceress) shot a Cold Ball, Sahel summoned an Astral Construct, and Dipsie sent out a Fireball—SOP for us, DOA for ogres. Ha. Anyway, here are two direct quotes from that battle—quotes that, if they don't life in infamy, will die in obscurity:

Ross, to Dipsie (Rob) in reference to Wilwarintari's Cold Ball (a skill dependent on Charisma) being more effective than Dipsie's Fireball (a skill dependent on Intelligence): "She's more of a babe than you are a genius."
Dungeon Master Mike: "Son of an Ogress!"

That being said, there was much healing and some treasure after the ogres were dispatched. We then followed one of the adjoining passages to a giant chasm with a rope bridge across it. On the bridge was a freaked-out and emaciated goblin, who we rescued using Sahel's telekinesis—during which the bridge went out. The goblin gave us the scoop on the rest of the cavern, and after sending him on his way we flew across the chasm.

From a distance, we saw four ogres who were herding and/or abusing goblins, so we stealthily attacked them. Highlights of this battle included dubbing one of the ogre miniatures "Monkeynut," and watching Sahel psychically dominate two of the ogres to attack one of their buddies. Dipsie bet Sahel 20 gold pieces that one of them—a green figurine—would win, after which Sahel held back that particular ogre. However, our demon ally sided with Dipsie and killed the other ogre. Apparently power is corrupting us; I guess that's what happens when your characters are chaotic…

To be continued!