aqua fortis

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Geeks Gone Wild, Delyth Style

I have so unbelievably much updating to do re: our D&D adventures, it isn't even funny, but I've been so occupied writing the conclusion of my novel (still not quite done) and playing Paper Mario 2 that I haven't sat down to blog until now. But I need to do it today, because we're playing again tomorrow and I'm running out of margin space on my character sheet (which is where I keep my cryptic notes about what happened).

So: here's what happened. This covers a span of a few days' worth of gaming. We were still in this weird grimlock hideout and we went to check out the visitors' quarters, where we found a demon in a hot tub and decided to negotiate with him. I forget why. But Lurch (not his real name--a random animated, armored statue who follows us around for some reason we haven't figured out) hates demons, so we discussed putting Lurch into a Portable Hole (which is just what it sounds like). We weren't sure how to accomplish that besides attaching the hole to a board and whacking him over the head with it, but apparently that's what we did. Poor Lurch.

Then we went to take on our archnemesis, the hobgoblin Naroo, but he was already gone and had left us a lovely little present--a golem with nasty faces under his skin. We whupped the golem and found Naroo's journal. Apparently hobgoblins don't keep exciting diaries, because I didn't write anything down about it. But then we found some grimlocks and mindflayers in another tunnel, so we fought them, during which the demon was stunned. Ambivalent allies that we are, we discussed just killing him while he was out, but decided against it. However, we then found out that Jibber--a small animal companion with the party--was gone. There were signs of a scuffle, but no tracks.

I'll leave it at that for now, and hopefully I'll have time to finish freeing up my margins tomorrow morning.