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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Geeks Gone Wild--The Blogtastic Return

Here's why I haven't posted in a while--I was out of town, plus (as referenced below), before that, I was working in a Wastewater Treatment Facility located approximately at the intersection of an orchard and another orchard, kitty-corner to a ranch and down the road from an almond sheller. That gives you a rough indication of how far beyond the outskirts of town I've been commuting.

Anyway, I have an unbelievably long waiting list of things to blog, so I'll start with the most outstanding of these--the Geeks Gone Wild adventures. When we last left off, Rob and I had missed a session, but very little had in fact been accomplished the day we were gone (a fairly commonplace occurrence). So we were still fulfilling this favor for some goblins--I really can't recall why--by clearing a cave system that had been overrun by Grimlocks, which are like eyeless (but not blind) goblin-creatures.

These grimlocks had a whole warren of caves, and naturally we decided to check out the monster pens first. But instead of monsters, we found a number of pits housing deadly plants called Dread Blossoms, which feed on corpses. Apparently the Grimlocks were raising these Dread Blossoms, but we made rapid work of them by remaining far away from the pits themselves and dropping things on them, like fire. Unfortunately, this battle attracted some Stone Singers, which are nasty creatures which sing at you so that you have to make a saving throw. We of course attacked them, and one of them Melded into Stone--hey, that's my territory!--so I decided to try Transmute Rock to Mud, which apparently expels the victim and, if properly executed, um, executes it. Unfortunately the latter did not happen, and I was quite disappointed.

But we beat them anyway, and decided to go on to explore the Mushroom Cavern, symbolized on our gaming surface by a conveniently mushroom-shaped Alice-in-Wonderland saltshaker. The next thing I wrote down is "fight zombies in poop room," which I think means the mushroom cavern. We bombarded those zombies with an owl Delyth, an Embiggened Will, Magic Missiles, arrows, and flames until they ate shit and died. Oh, I almost forgot--we also used one of Sahel's Astral Constructs (a.k.a. a large green Poketoken), which some of us affectionately refer to as an Asshole Construct, offending the delicate sensibilities of some of the gaming group. In any case, we killed them zombies, but not without some hurt of our own, so much healing took place before the end of that particular part of the adventure.

So that's that...stay tuned for more Geeks Gone Wild. And in the meantime, buy the Geeks Gone Wild t-shirt! I wish I could say I was responsible for the preceding link, and the shirt, but I'm not--link courtesy of Corey, and t-shirt courtesy of some damn genius who apparently thought of it before I did.