aqua fortis

Friday, August 20, 2004

Bad Sarah!

I've sure been crappy about posting to this thing lately. I had this fear--justified, as it turns out--that blogging would turn into just one more item on my list of "things I gotta do." I can't let that happen! So here's an update on my activities lately:

Went to Seaside, Oregon to meet up with friends from Cal at a beach house for the weekend. Played frisbee, flew kites, roasted weenies and S'mores, barbecued, rented a paddle boat, and all that good stuff.

Wrote Chapters 20 and 21 of my novel and got very sad because I had to write about a death and a funeral.

Stressed out about the fact that I need to get a "real job" and still haven't decided what exactly is my best option, and stressed out about the freelance work I'm doing in the meantime. Doh!

Broke our typewriter. Double doh! Don't even ask.

Finished my first real knitting project--a burpy cloth for our friend Rachel, who is expecting a baby in a month. Next up: a blankie, if I hurry up.

And much stress! Oh, wait, I mentioned that already. Stay tuned, because someday soon (ha!) I plan to not only post major linkage here, but also post a Geeks Gone Wild update--rather futile, since lots has happened since I last posted anything and I'm unlikely to remember it all. In the meantime, if you haven't been to JibJab to check out "This Land is My Land", you HAVE TO. Also highly recommended (from IGN days): the Founding Fathers rap.