aqua fortis

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tune in Tomorrow, Kids

...for the long-awaited (or, at least, awaited) unveiling of my next book's awesome cover! I love, love, love it, just like I've loved my other two covers, and I feel incredibly lucky about that.

Another teaser about my next book, The Truth Against the World: some of you might remember it as my "Welsh novel," because part of it's set in South Wales. You might also remember it as my World War II novel, although the wartime bits are mostly memories and such, and most of the story's in the present day.

This one is also going to have a heinously long list of thank-yous, because I consulted a ridiculously large number of people when I wrote the first draft, and it will also have a bibliography, because I'm nerdy and looked up books about WWII Britain. I BOUGHT books about WWII Britain. They are cool. No, really. Where else could I find recipes for Trench Cake, Wood-Pigeons, and Mock Oysters?

Those aren't in my book, though.

Check back tomorrow! There will also be a giveaway, so come with your commenting hat on!