aqua fortis

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Cover Reveal Countdown!

Okay, so this is an unforgivably short post, but I just wanted to alert you all that I will be doing the OFFICIAL COVER REVEAL for my next YA novel, The Truth Against the World, this Friday, October 4th, right here! Watch this space!

Some of you may remember The Truth Against the World in its earlier form, The Other Olwen, a ghostly mystery about a family secret. It was my MFA thesis (and therefore exists in a rather embarrassingly early draft bound in the Mills College library) and the first book I ever tried submitting to publishers and agents. It has undergone some serious changes (damn you, cell phones! damn you, inevitable passage of time!) but, I hope, is much better for it.

I will also be having Some Sort of Contest to celebrate the cover reveal. Details to be determined, but there will be prizes. Prizes, I say!