aqua fortis

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Self-Aggrandizement Sure Takes Up a Lot of Time.

I guess I'm spending all my time lately on things like new websites and Facebook "pages" and networking and book-related junk. I did an uber-long blog post over at the YA blog recapping a conference I went to over the weekend--I seem to be doing most of my posting there lately, as well as at the Cybils blog, where I'm the blog editor. I'm blogging a lot. Just not here.

I'm hoping to remedy that. I think I'm making progress on my Gigantic List O' Random Crap that needs doing. I usually put blogging here at aquafortis fairly far down the list, sadly, but again, I hope to change that. Unfortunately, I get all exhausted and antisocial when I've been doing a lot of networking-type stuff and might disappear from the virtual world for days at a time. Sometimes I DON'T EVEN TWEET! Shock! Horror!

Anyway, speaking of horror, here's a great link if you're looking for some Halloween reading: a friend of mine, Colleen, got a good scary story published in Strange Horizons.  I keep pushing it on people because it's such an awesome piece. It's not TOO scary. You know me and scary: we're like two peas in totally separate pods on completely different planets. But I read and enjoyed this story, so there you go.

More soon. I swear.