aqua fortis

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Year's Poetry Challenge, Day Five

Still a day behind. Oh well. This one was fun: Write a found poem using the front page of your local paper or an article from a magazine you have around the house. I was immobilized on the couch by a cat on my lap, so I cheated slightly and used National Geographic online. I used this article on Alaska Coasts Melting. I wasn't going to use this article--it's fairly short and repetitive--but I couldn't resist the town of Lonely.

Leaving Lonelytown

Swallowed by the sea
near the town of Lonely
Remains of the ghost town

a century on shore
buried underwater

perpetually frozen earth
erosion patterns

the findings
document human settlements
At least one has already been lost
another will soon be gone

unusual landscape
especially vulnerable

a picture of a whaling boat
massive amounts of ice

a natural process
melting so fast
a shift in the forces
plans can be devised

not just the ice
according to the research
but it would be unusual.

© Sarah J. Stevenson 2009

Like I said, this was fun...I could definitely do more of these.