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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Oh So Quiet (shhh....shhh....)

Yup, it's quiet around here. It's because I don't have any spare seconds in my day. Any seconds that appear to free up are quickly submerged under the massive crippling anxiety that I'm not going to be able to get everything done that needs to be done in the next few days.

Ya know, if it weren't for me, there would be no holidays celebrated in our house. More later, I promise. I also promise to improve my negative attitude. Just kidding.


TadMack said...

"If it weren't for me, there would be no holidays celebrated in our house."

Consider the level of crippling anxiety, my dear, and then ask yourself, in a whisper,

Would that really be so bad?!

DaviMack said...

"Just kidding."

About which part? The attitude, or the posting?

You should move abroad, forgo all familial obligations, and take up writing or something. ;)

chloe said...

Are you also the only shopper in your house? Last night, I was at the store until 9pm buying presents. Then, I was up until 2:40am baking the Christmas treats I promised I'd bring into work today AND wrapping the presents my in-laws sent for their dear son. Trust me when I say, "I feel your pain." While waiting for the peppermint bark to freeze, I tried making a Christmas card. Glue everywhere. People will perhaps get Happy New Year cards from me this year...

TadMack said...

I'm calling my Christmas cards "Hogmanay Cards," and thinking that maybe by then I'll be pulled together enough to get some more of them into the mail.