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Friday, March 30, 2007

Emerging from Obscurity

Go Quakes

No Flickr Fiction today (probably Monday) but a quick post with a few things I've been meaning to put up for days. I got behind, unfortunately, due to being sick AGAIN--third time in the past two months. Or it could be a relapse of the sinus thing I had earlier; hard to say.

Earthquakes cheering section

Anyway, no sooner was I able to move about than I was out all day Wednesday at a Mexico vs. Ecuador soccer game (click link for more pics). Notable quote of the game: "No tire la cerveza!!" i.e., "Dude, don't fling beer!!" (Said by the guy behind us as our friend Carlos got overexcited and flung droplets of Corona over a three-row radius.) Then I spent most of yesterday and today cleaning the house because my mom and stepdad are going to be staying with us this weekend. My mom is allergic to cats, so...extra cleaning is required.

This was punctuated by a brief lull on Thursday, during which I finished and posted a new cartoon on our writing blog.

One other thing I've been meaning to post: Remember back when I was complaining about how I couldn't find an RSS feed aggregator that would gather updated posts from all the blogs I wanted to read and send them to me in a daily digest? Well, I FOUND a service that does that, and so far it's everything I hoped for. It's called Blogarithm, and it sends a daily e-mail digest with the first couple of lines of each updated post and a link to the full posting. The e-mail is nice and clean-looking, you can sort your feeds into categories that appear in the e-mail, and you can even use it as a blogroll (though I'm not that fancy). I'm so happy! Yay. That's why I've been better at commenting on people's blogs the past couple of weeks, incidentally. I highly recommend it.


TadMack said...

A picture of you with eyes open -- just a little blur! Wow!
Obviously, I need to go to a Mexico v. Ecuador soccer game, so I too may experience this photographic serendipity...

a. fortis said...

Okay, you don't even know the nightmare I went through when my dad was visiting last weekend and he tried futilely for several minutes and a dozen or so pictures to try to get one with my eyes open. But the man REFUSED to turn off the flash! What does he expect? And then everyone makes fun of ME! What's up with that? It's an involuntary reflex, people!!