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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Unplanned Celebrity Encounter

This one's for MeiMei, and I almost forgot to post it in my houseguest-induced haze. On the weekend, Rob and I went to see a soccer game at the L.A. Coliseum--FC Barcelona was playing a friendly match with Chivas de Guadalajara.

A little while before the game started, heads in our section (which was on the 50-yard line, about midway up the stands) began turning, and whispering spread through the crowd: Kobe. It's Kobe.

That's right. Of all the celebrity sightings I could have had, I had to see Kobe Bryant. Yay. Sure enough, he was making his way to a seat in some kind of blue-satin VIP section at the top of the stands, waving benevolently in the fashion of a true monarch. Gee, thanks for waving. I feel so special now.

The really goofy part is that, every ten minutes or so during the game, people would turn around again and stare, as if asking themselves, What's Kobe doing now? Is he going to wave at me again? Forget that they could have been watching Ronaldinho, who is arguably more famous, at least world-wide.

At some point, somebody must have flipped him off, because when I turned around (I tried to resist doing this most of the time, but I had a few moments of weakness), Kobe was flipping somebody the bird.

I feel a little torn about this Kobe encounter. On the one hand, I really can't stand him. I feel like he's ruined the Lakers, the team I adored as a child. Of course, now I'm a Kings fan, so I hate him extra. On the other hand, he's attending a high-profile soccer event, and God knows U.S. soccer needs the help and the publicity.

I only ever seem to have encounters with celebrities I dislike or don't care about. Like the time I was 11 or so and saw Tina Yothers at the L.A. County Fair. Tina Yothers. Why not Michael J. Fox? Or even Michael Gross? Honestly.


TadMack said...

You know, Yothers was a rock star AND a Laker Girl, too. That's nothing to sniff at, girly!
(Heh heh)

Since the only celebrities I've ever seen were Goldie Hawn and Mel Brooks -- in Vancouver, of all places, and I wasn't yet hip enough to know who they were (I was a senior in high school. For some, hipness comes muuuch, later, apparently), I can relate... Yay, nominal celebrity sighting, Boo, yucky person.

MeiMeiLn said...

Ditto about Kobe. I used to like him because he went to high school in Lower Merion, PA, which is next door to my alma mater, but he's such a jerk. It kinda sucks that people were more interested in what he was doing than watching the game. :( Yet, he did attend a game, so yay?

To add to Tadmack, Yothers is also a reality TV star!
Keep those celebrity sightings coming! Maybe we can pull our experiences together and make a coffee table book. :)

a. fortis said...

Ooooh, yeah, coffee table book. Or at least summer beach reading. I only have one exciting encounter--my brief life and times with Barry Levinson's wife. I'll blog about it sometime.