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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Online Aversion

I get sort of e-phobic sometimes, especially when going online means I have "chores" to do like answering work-related e-mails, grading essays for Rob's online class, or figuring out that I have a number of related tasks to do offline. Right now I have to remember a bunch of things for Cymdeithas Madog (the Welsh group I'm prez of this year)--thank-you letters to outgoing Board members, wrapping up various details of the past conference like outstanding refunds and payments, assigning Board members to committees, getting in touch with our delinquent mailing list administrator.

Plus there are the other items on my to-do list: writing a letter of support for a former Board colleague who is being considered for tenure, continuing to edit my YA novel The Other Olwen, filing the huge pile of papers on my filing cabinet, researching writing markets, tackling some artwork ideas I had, etc. etc.

My cousins and I on the hike up to Vernal Fall

When my list gets that big, I start feeling overwhelmed and exhausted before I even start the day. Plus I have household-visitor-hangover. My younger cousins (22 and 20) spent several days of their vacation up here, Sunday through Thursday. They're a lot of fun, but I get exhausted having people stay in our house. Also, we went to Yosemite on Tuesday and stayed until Wednesday afternoon, staying in Groveland and going into the park both days. On Tuesday we climbed to the top of Vernal Fall, which is a steep 3-mile hike round trip, but well worth it. On Wednesday we walked to the bottom of Bridalveil Fall (which is easy) and then climbed the boulder pile up to a small pool at the foot of the falls (which was a bit more athletic). It was all a lot of fun, but I'm definitely achy at the moment. I do want to go back when I'm in slightly better shape and hike Half Dome.


TadMack said...

OY, those stairs...good old Yosemite.

Yeah, you go with the Half Dome thing. I will... um... be the little dark dot at the bottom of the mountain. Waving.

MeiMeiLn said...

I really like this picture.

a. fortis said...

Thanks! I look kind of disturbed, but I assure you I was having a very pleasant time. The cousins are cute. We look like sisters.