aqua fortis

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Naked Guy" Dies

Wow. It's like the Bezerkeley I used to know and love is dying bit by bit. First it was Cody's Books. Now I find out that the infamous Naked Guy died while being held in jail on assault charges.

When I got to Berkeley in 1993, the Naked Guy was mostly done with his hijinks. I did have one Naked Guy sighting at a party at Kingman Co-op--however, he was there with his clothes on. I remember, though, after seeing (mostly) censored pictures of the Naked Guy in the Daily Cal, thinking that at least he was a semi-attractive person to be seen hanging around naked. There were several other random naked folks wandering around Berkeley at the time who were not necessarily so attractive. There were also the X-Plicit Players (link warning: random nudity)--a group of naked performance artists who would occasionally wander the streets of Berkeley.

There are far fewer publicly naked people in Modesto; none, in fact, as far as I am aware, though frankly the weather is hot enough for it. It hit 97 today. Welcome to the next three interminable months of slow-roasting. Oh well; it's worth it for the other three seasons.


TadMack said...

Did you also hear that A Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books in SF is closing!? I am really depressed because I really, REALLY hate chain bookstores. I mean, I go in if I have to, but B&N is hugely yucky. All the hip Bay Area stuff of the past is fading... and we're left with stuff like Baby Loves Disco. Cool, but...

a. fortis said...

That's really sad, too! It's like the end of an era.