aqua fortis

Thursday, June 08, 2006


So much to blog about, not enough time!! Today I read this terrible piece of news about Cody's Books on Telegraph closing down. I can't imagine Berkeley without Cody's. I have spent so much time there, not to mention money. Cody's always has what I'm looking for, and often several things I wasn't looking for. Their art books...their YA section...their sci-fi and fantasy section...everything. The place is a treasure trove. Magazines I've never seen anywhere else. The official Book Lust book journal, which I bought for a librarian friend. (We also bought her the librarian action figure.) Now I'll never get to do a reading there--one of the little literary pipe dreams in the back of my mind has gone up in smoke, as it were. Farewell old friend.


Seren said...

WHAT?!? I had to immediately Google to find out if the other stores are staying open (the one on 4th and the one in SF, just freakin' opened) -- and they are. Phew, but also outrage! Why spend all that capital opening new stores, just to close the flagship?This is so heart-breaking!

TadMack said...

I think I haven't said anything about this because I keep feeling like maybe if we don't pay attention to this, it'll go away... Leah Garchik's column this morning mentioned that Salman Rushdie read part of Satanic Verses at Cody's and there are still charred bookshelves and a hole from the bombs. History, people.