aqua fortis

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pictures, finally, if not more stories yet.

Yup, if you go to our set of China photos on Flickr, you can see many (and I mean MANY) of the pictures of our trip. Most have captions, which you can't see if you run it as a slideshow, just so you know. So if you do the slideshow, it will be pretty but not informative. If you view them one at a time, it'll be a little more unwieldy but you'll have the added bonus of knowing what the hell is going on.


Corey said...

Horray for pictures! I made it through them all - looks like it was a fantastic trip. Color me jealous. :-)

Chris Cope said...

Cool. It was like watching one of those Hong Kong action films, but slower.

a. fortis said...

Hey, thanks! I passed on the compliments to Rob, who took most of the photos (okay, 99% of them) while I was attempting to work my dad's video camera and then, later, stressing out because it was malfunctioning. Whee.